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Autism, Aspergers and Oxytocin

One of the hallmark symptoms of Autism syndrome is the impaired ability to read other people. Autistics and high functioning Asperger’s victims are said to just not “get” it. They don’t know if you are happy, sad or indifferent. One of the primary reasons for this is that they don’t—or can’t—maintain eye contact. They have difficulty looking above the mouth. It makes them uncomfortable. They become fearful and anxious when looking in the eyes. According to countless recent studies, this all changes when treated with nasal oxytocin. One study conducted at The National Academy of Sciences observed improvement after taking small amounts of the hormone. Children played more appropriately and were far more accurate in their ability to read playmates. Their focus increased and they were able to read people’s faces above the mouth, specifically the eyes. AS we all know someone can be lying to us with their mouth (think politicians) but they really can’t lie to us with their eyes. With this increased power of observation they were better able to determine correct emotions. Participants in another study (17 to 39 years old, with a mean age of 26) had a comparable result. The difference in play level of the oxytocin subjects (relative to the placebo subject) was significant. Participants were also asked to look faces via flashing photos of just eyes and then asked to identify the emotion. The subjects identified the correct emotion 20% to 30% more accurately than the placebo group. And their attention was 30% more focused because rapid changes in gaze and direction were reduced. Buy Oxytocin here.