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Oxytocin and Nipple Orgasm

Given that there hasn’t been much in-depth scientific research on nipple orgasm we really don’t know much about it, other than it exists. We can’t quote from a plethora of published studies listed on www.pubmed.gov because no research scientist has, as yet, conducted a study uniquely devoted to nipple orgasm. Researchers, are you listening? Here is your opportunity to claim your place in the great pantheon of sex-star doctors. Make a name for yourself. Your talk show schedule will be filled in minutes. Just think, Oprah, Good Morning America, maybe even a 60 minutes gig. Not to mention local news. “Nipple orgasm, film at eleven!” There you’ll be, all dressed up in your new Armani suit, the latest authority on the heretofore arcane—but oh so taboo—subject of nipple orgasm. You’ll have to field questions like, “How many can you have? Can men have them too?” I’m surprised Dr. Oz hasn’t jumped all over this subject. Just imagine the collective Ouuh’s and Aaah’s on Dr. Oz. It could be sin-sational.

But seriously, for you doubters, one doesn’t need a published study on nipple orgasm to verify its existence. Thanks to a modern invention called the internet, you can find all manner of exhibitionists demonstrating its existence. A good place to start looking is on private Tumbler blogs where people of all sexual persuasions are only too happy to demonstrate their techniques—for all to see. And, I’m not talking about pay porno sites either. These amateurs are so proud of their ability they are happy to give it away, for the sheer pleasure (yes, pun intended) of sharing it with the world. If you doubt me, spend some time perusing Tumbler sex blogs and you will reap a harvest of dedicated exhibitionists triggering auto-orgasms via their nipples alone. Men, women, boys, girls . . . Most are prudently positioned in such a way that their faces cannot be seen. But not always. Some courageous—or crazy—individuals put it up there front and center. And, they are not faking it either.

The fact is that nipple orgasms are much more common than they are talked about. Dr. Herbert Otto, a self-proclaimed researcher of unverifiable pedigree was quoted in Men’s Health magazine (a publication known for its covers of handsome guys sporting dazzling abdominal muscles) stated that 29% of the women in his study group of 213 women experienced nipple orgasm. That’s 61 women. Dr. Otto considers it the second most common form of orgasm a woman can have. Does that make nipple orgasms plan B? And, if so should we consider nipple orgasm the new B spot? Is this B spot the new G spot? Those capable of achieving nipple orgasm consider it the first line of attack in the pursuit of sexual ecstasy. They report greater sensual arousal and a more enhanced, full body orgasm, than one-dimensional genital orgasms. They also report several peaks of pleasure prior to climax—without touching their lower genitals. Nipple orgasm seems to put its participants into turbo drive. Men have reported that after one nipple/phallic orgasm they never wanted to go back to a simple genital orgasm.

Not surprisingly, oxytocin plays a huge role in nipple orgasm. Oxytocin is first released causing nipples to swell and harden in much the same fashion as the penis or clitoris. The pilomotor reflex—the same reflex that causes goose bumps—then contracts the smooth muscle which was triggered by the autonomic nervous system. This causes more oxytocin to be released. It’s a big loop. The oxytocin triggers sexual arousal and more nipple erection. The nipple erection triggers more oxytocin. Touching them makes them more erect and sensitive, this sensitivity makes them more erect which makes them more sensitive. It’s a snowballing effect which ends in systemic orgasmia. The net effect of which produces a cascade of oxytocin that ends in a decrease of anxiety and an increase of feelings of love, bonding, and trust.

It is said that small breasted women are more capable of achieving nipple orgasm. This is due to the fact that regardless of size all nipples have the same number of nerve endings so there is a tighter concentration in smaller ones. I don’t know if this is the same for men. Someone needs to do a study. In any case it starts with ample oxytocin release through supplementation and practice Nipple orgasm can be learned or “Awakened” through a gradual process of connecting the right nerve impulses with the right moves that trigger more oxytocin. For more information feel free to read The Anatomy of Orgasm by neuroscientist Barry R. Komisaruk. Along with hormone specialist Carlos Beyer-Flores, you will find an articulate explanation of how orgasms take place, the influence of oxytocin, prescription drugs, most of the how’s, what’s, and wherefores of orgasm.


Conclusion: Many men and women report greater sensual arousal and more enhanced—full body—orgasms with nipple orgasm in the mix, than during just genital orgasm. Although there is almost no national conversation about nipple orgasm. it is probably more common than admitted. Not every woman or man is able to reach nipple orgasm. Those incapable of achieving it tend to disbelieve its actuality. However, with a little practice and homeopathic oxytocin supplementation, both sexes can achieve a greater climax without touching their genitals. Nipple orgasm starts with the release of oxytocin during foreplay and carries through to climax. Of course everyone’s climax is individual but most men and women claim several peaks of pleasure before climax. Manipulating one’s own nipples to orgasm is called nipple masturbation. Anyone who has ever experienced nipple orgasm will tell you it is a real and extraordinary magnifier of the orgasmic experience. Nipple orgasm is a potent oxytocin releaser. Like lips in kissing, proper nipple stimulation turns nipples into little oxytocin switches. As nipple orgasm is non-penetrative the risk of acquiring or transmitting an STD that requires direct mucous membrane contact, is greatly reduced.Buy Oxytocin here.