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Oxytocin and Mind Reading
Oxytocin and Mindreading

People often refer to oxytocin as the mind reading hormone. In the name of honesty, this claim needs to be addressed. Oxytocin is NOT a mind reading hormone. Sad but true. There are mind reading tricks (check: “Think of a number, any number”), and mentalist tricks, “Think of a name.” being two of the most common. But, there is no magical elixir capable of shooting pure thoughts between minds. Sorry, modern science hasn’t discovered or invented a substance they could fashion into a pill, cream, or suppository capable of ushering people beyond the realm of the five human senses. And, anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is having you on. Oxytocin should more accurately be referred to as the mentalist hormone because it helps us to read others very closely. Not as a parlor trick but for practical reasons. As our economy moves from manufacturing to the services, people skills are more necessary than ever. People with elevated oxytocin are more perceptive, empathetic and comfortable with all kinds of people, be they one on one, or in groups. High oxytocin releasers naturally excel in work requiring persuasion and social perceptiveness. Marketing managers, cops and lawyers need to be particularly adept at negotiating with peers and each other as well as judges, not to mention picking the right jurors. Doctors, physical therapists, physicians assistants, or anyone else in the health care field who participates in any type of diagnosis also requires this ability. To be a successful Mentalist or Mom you have to be unusually sharp and observant of the subtleties of your audience and your children—and the people around your children. We live in tricky times and parents need to be highly aware of everything in their children’s lives. How do you rate? If you have a few minutes you can find out. Just click here to take the famous Mind in the Eyes Test. It’s fun. You might be better than you think you are. In any case, please remember that high oxytocin test subjects always perform better than low oxytocin producers. No, oxytocin is not a mind reading hormone but it is the closest thing to it. Buy Oxytocin here.