What is the normal dosage?

The dosage is up to four sprays per day, under the tongue, preferably not around food. Medical studies show a small amount of oxytocin taken at frequent intervals work better – this is also one of the basic principles of homeopathy.

How long does it take to notice an effect?

The immediate effect of Oxytocin Accelerator is a mild sense of euphoria which lasts about 5 minutes. But, this is not the final effect. Oxytocin is not about getting and maintaining a “High”. It is about enhancing trust, social recognition, empathy, drug tolerance, reducing fear, phobias, and much more. to achieve these results you need to induce the anterior pituitary to release its own oxytocin which means practicing oxytocin releasing behaviors while taking Accelerator every day, 6 days per week. A good result is contingent upon both of these behaviors.

What can I expect from Oxytocin Accelerator?

Prudent question. You have to ask yourself “Why do I need to make more oxytocin? Is it to improve my social recognition skills. Is it for phobia? Is it to trust other people more? Whatever the reason, releasing oxytocin is a process and is not something that takes place within a few moments in time or is limited to happening within a certain time period. Though the initial experience of Oxytocin Accelerator is a high, the long term goal is to reduce activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain that is getting in the way of unsatisfactory behaviors. Be patient! It is quite possible that you may not even know it is happening until you experience that first smile or other unique cue, and respond appropriately. Consistency is key.

Given the many reasons a person may feel the need to experience more oxytocin, (crumbling marriage, social phobia, mistrust issues, poor social recognition skill, and more) inducing the body to release more of its own oxytocin is rather like taking a antidepressant. The American Psychological Association has recognized 11 different types of depression all of which have a plethora of different symptoms (insomnia, sleeping too much, poor sex, sexual addiction, lethargy, short temper, crying, and more) If one takes an effective depression protocol the symptoms lift. Such is the case with oxytocin.

Are there any side effects?

Insomnia has been reported by people who have taken too much. These are people who want to live on the initial euphoric plain. Oxytocin is not designed to be taken this way. 3 to 4 sprays per day is more than enough.

What does Oxytocin Accelerator cost?

$59.95 for a one ounce bottle. 600 drops. Approximately 600 sprays. (3 Months Supply)

Does Oxytocin Accelerator have competitors?

No. There is one other oxytocin product on the market but it is a topical spray. (Nonsense) Not a hand secussed homeopathic formulation with an NDC (FDA) registration number.

I am mostly taking the Oxytocin Accelerator for its anti-stress properties and I am getting a very good result. The directions advise daily, long term use. What might long term be?

I have been taking it for 2.5 years. (I’m shy) and it has profoundly affected my life. I intend to take it forever. I know that sounds like a long time but it makes me feel far more comfortable in groups, and around strangers so why stop, right?

These questions are from our customer service line.

I am a shy person how will Oxytocin Accelerator help me?

You must be patient though, take it every day while engaging in oxytocin releasing behaviors (eye contact, touching, breathing, etc.) It took me 6 weeks to see/feel; the benefit as the brain must grow new neurons that connect to the amygdala, 5ht1a serotonin neuron sites.

Will Oxytocin help me with feeling more positive about myself and help me be more happy?

Using it is just the beginning, you must invest yourself and participate actively in the change. Don’t push yourself. Just allow it to happen. Take small steps. It will help. As you put a more grounded (comfortable in your own skin) demeanor into interfacing the world will begin to answer in like and kind.

When I run out of it would I return back to a shy person?

Maybe. It depends on how long you used it to effect a change in your confidence level. Use it 6 days per week until you feel consistently more comfortable. At some point you can wean yourself off of it and see what happens. Accelerator is largely about leveraging what you are already releasing and then releasing more. It will help you to calm down enough that you can look others in the eye for longer and longer periods of time. At some point you won’t even need to feel that level of comfort. The more we do this on your ow the more natural it becomes. Again, it is a tool to behavioral modification. Practice practice, practice! Consistency is key! Take small steps.

How does looking someone in the eye release oxytocin in them?

It just does, Its a biological fact. Just like giving birth releases it. Singing releases it. Touching hands for 20 seconds does as well. Making love releases it, big time.

I also understand that I will also be able to read people, it that correct?

Yes, this is why they give it to the autistic and Aspergers because it enhances empathy via the 5ht1a serotonin sites. Poker players are on to it because it helps them to read tells better. They have proven this in brain imaging studies.

Will friends of mine begin to see a change over the time as I am using oxytocin?

They should. You should also see a change in them as you read them better. Oxytocin enhancement is not all about you. This is the beauty of it. In a way it helps you to get out of your own head and see the bigger picture.

I believe the whole world would be a nicer place if everyone had more empathy. Empathy does not make us agree with everyone but it does support our ability to stay calm in the face of differences. Then we can take a more reasonable attitude about our differences. Empathy supports our ability to experience a more understanding attitude towards others. When we see or read others better we can see that life is not all always all about us. Empathy is oxytocin’s greatest gift. It helps us to get out of our own head and to see the bigger picture. Oxytocin supports our ability to be natural and real, confident and positive.

How will I see a change in others when I'm the one using Oxytocin?

You will read them better, and being to read their body language. The small tells in behavior. Then you can make small adjustments that will make both of you feel more comfortable. You can see through the illusions – Their illusions. once you’ve established a comfortable environment then everything will flow better.

Will taking it also help in meeting a girl? Since I have never had a girlfriend.

it doesn’t happen all at once. It is slow. It took me 6 weeks, now i’m so comfortable around strangers i find myself talking to total strangers everywhere, (lines at the grocery store, the movies, anywhere) I was very shy, never looked people in the eye. That is over. Its nice. There is a girl out there for your somewhere. just start talking to them but even better just start listening to them. Girls love to talk about themselves! And don’t be overbearing. forget abut any agenda. Just look them in the eye, be relaxed, calm, confident, maybe a little witty, don’t come through the door with an agenda and something will unfold. you’ll see.

These questions are from our customer service line.

Is the Oxytocin Accelerator likely to show up in your blood work with any elevations, estrogen, etc.?

Yes, eventually. This formulation has oxytocin in it but oxytocin has an elimination half-life of 6 minutes. It is designed to help you to release more of your own oxytocin.

I am taking estrogen and progesterone replacement therapy. And I am only taking one spray a day of the Oxytocin Accelerator. Any comments?

Estrogen and oxytocin like each other. It is a synergistic relationship, unlike testosterone which is hostile to oxytocin. You are on the right path.

Does Oxytocin Accelerator potentiate estrogen production?

No, but they do Oxytocin and Estrogen get along very well.

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